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StampLister  was created to offer a service that is badly needed in the world of Philately.
After 40 years of building  collections, we found ourselves buried in stamps and pieces of collections that we had not chosen to use in our collections our exhibits. Many items were part of larger collections that had been purchased or individual stamps no longer needed.  What can we do with these valuable items?
The solution is to sell them. But in order for you to do that, the items need to be categorized, researched and then  listed in several places with a good description.  Then  packaged and mailed to the buyer or relisted if not sold.
All of this takes time and effort that could be used on your hobby.
What to do? Hire someone who is knowledgeable in Philately and will take the time to get you the best price for those extra items that are just filling up space in your stock books.
StampLister  is the solution.


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