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StampLister's Responsiblities

  • Protect consignment from loss or damage while in StampLister's possession.

  • Where information on lots is missing, incomplete or incorrect, StampLister will make best efforts to accurately describe the lots in lot descriptions.

StampLister will determine:

  • The selling  venue

  • The details of the listing

  • The  lotting

  • The minimum price

  • Shipping and packaging methods to buyer

 Notify seller of the following: 

  • Receipt of the consignment

  • Details of the listing

  • Lots sold and unsold and selling prices

  • Lots that are re-listed 

Commissions and  fees, paying consignees:

  • A commission of 35% will be deducted from all consignment receipts. In addition, consignee will pay 50% of the cost of expertizing, if any.

  • StampLister will pay all listing costs, bank fees and costs of shipping to buyer.

  • Commission is deemed earned when payment is received for consigned lots.

  • A payment will be made to consignee within 30 days of receipt of all payments from end buyers.

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