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Seller's Requirements

  • Individual stamps must catalog at a minimum of $25.  Larger lots containing multiple stamps must catalog at least $35

  • Stamps that do not meet this requirement will not be listed and will be returned to the seller at the sellers expense. 

  • Detailed descriptions, including catalog numbers, should be included whenever possible. Stamps, covers and collections will be lotted and described at StampLister's discretion. (StampLister reserves the right to reject some or all of a consignment for any reason and will return to consignee.)

  • Unless otherwise directed, StampLister will select online store, auctions minimum bids, and duration of listings and re-listings. 

        To maximize sale price, StampLister may send stamps to be expertized. Consignments    shall be shipped prepaid to StampLister. Any lots returned to StampLister after a sale are debited to the sellers account and refund to seller may be required. 

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