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Our Process

  1. Decide which stamps/lots you would like to sell that fit our requirements.

  2. Contact us about your needs, area of collecting and lots to sell.

  3. After our approval, ship to StampLister, via USPS your stamps, keeping a tracking number for you records. 

  4. We will notify you by email when the lot is received. 

  5. In most cases, lots will be researched and listed within one week time. (larger lots may take longer) Choice of starting price will be up to StampLister unless otherwise agreed to in advance. PLEASE NOTE: If a certification is needed, the cost of such service will be divided equally between StampLister and the seller. 

  6. When lots have sold, StampLister will safely package and mail lots to the buyer with request for confirmation of receipt.

  7. Within 30 days of  the buyers receipt of the lot, StampLister will deposit payment to the seller PayPal account, minus 35% commission.

  8. StampLister will email seller all paperwork for your records.

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