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Processing and shipping orders - StampLister will:

  • Provide all the packing materials

  • Prepay the postage and insurance if needed

  • Post shipping, buyer feedback, and tracking numbers online as appropriate.


**NOTE: Unsold or returned  lots:

  • After any number of listings of a lot, the lot may be determined to be classified as an "unsold lot". Unless otherwise notified, the unsold lots will be returned to the cosigner, with postage paid by the consignee.

  •  Sold lots may be returned by end buyer within 30 days if lots are claimed by buyers as:

  1. Incorrectly identified

  2. Inaccurately described

  3. Condition not completely revealed                                                                    

  4. The consignee will be notified that lots have been returned. Lots will be returned to the cosigner with postage paid by cosigner.

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